Peoria bakery celebrates one year of culture, community in central Illinois –

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A bakery beginning with just sweet dreams, is now celebrating a milestone of serving sweet treats.

“There wasn’t really no bakeries—Mexican bakeries—right here around the area like that so, [my father] just decided to open one,” said José Reteguin Jr. His father, José Reteguin Sr., owns El Gordo Mexican Bakery in Peoria.

March 6 is the one year birthday of the bakery and Reteguin Sr. is reflecting on his path to entrepreneurship.

“I had this emotion of wanting a bakery. I started to save my money,” he said.

Reteguin Sr. has lived in the United States for 30 years, but his roots and love for food started in Mexico. Now, he’s celebrating what the last year has meant not only for his business, but also adding to the diversity of central Illinois.

“The flavors that we have, we bring from Mexico. It’s the culture that I believe—it has people that understand this is the culture that we have in Mexico all the time,” he said.

Reteguin Sr. prides himself on bringing hints of home to central Illinois.

“Everything is authentic, 100% Mexican. And no one here has more than us. All we want is for everyone to try our food that we do,” he said.

Reteguin Jr. says he grateful the community has supported El Gordo Mexican Bakery. He’s also thankful for the opportunity to shine a light on his family’s Mexican heritage.

“We wanted to bring [something] new to the public. Something different. And bring the culture to a lot of people that like don’t know about the culture,” he said.

The Reteguin’s are planning a one-year celebration for when it gets warmer. Down the line, the family is hoping to expand to Bloomington and the Quad Cities. El Gordo Mexican Bakery is located at 841 W. Main St., Suite E in Peoria.

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