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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) — They might not look like much now, but come Fall of 2020, a collection of little sprouts will pack a lot of flavor into the dishes at Spoons restaurant at Northcentral Technical College.

Chef Jon Reinke said, “We’re using the herbs that the students use most, so, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, basil. I have some oregano, and we’re going to try dill.”

Chef Reinke grew herbs in the kitchen he worked in previously, and thought it was a perfect fit for the campus restaurant, set to open in late spring.

“Helped extend the season, helped grow local products,” he said. “How much more local can you get than having it grow in your own restaurant?”

Using hydroponics, the herbs get a controlled amount of water.

And, that’s not the only environmentally friendly practice the kitchen is incorporating.

They also compost their cooking scraps with another local business.

Chef Travis Teska explained, “Out of the blue, we did an event at Hsu’s Ginseng and they were like, ‘ya, we do composting,’ ya know? And, I was like, Hallelujah, because we could actually find a place to take our green waste.”

Once a week, a nice batch of soon-to-be dirt is carted away, staying out of the the landfill.

“All the peels, all the ends, anything that isn’t usable for food,” Teska said.

The goal is to begin serving the herbs in dishes this fall.

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