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AUBURN, Maine — A family in Auburn, Maine, got a surprising reaction from the owner of a Chinese food restaurant when their baby girl fussed her way through dinner. 

While the family worried and were expecting frustration and eye-rolls from the staff, the owner came over to the table, scooped up the baby to soothe her, and went back to work! All this with the baby on her arm. 

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, Laura and Dino Smith brought their kids to their “date night favorite”, Wei-Li in Auburn, Maine, according to a post on Laura’s Facebook page. 

After ordering food, their baby girl, Lilah, started to fuss. In her Facebook post explaining what happened, Lilah’s mom, Laura, explained that the wait-time for their food wasn’t unusual, but their baby was getting fussier by the minute. Laura attributes her daughter’s fussiness to some new teeth coming in.

Once their food came, it was all Laura and her husband could do to rush through dinner, but the owner of Wei-Li wouldn’t have it. She came to the table, scooped up the baby, soothed her, and went about her work, with the baby still on her arm.

Read Laura’s account of what happened.

Post from Laura J. T. Smith: 

“So last night we decided to treat the kids and bring them out for some Chinese. We had never taken the boys to our date night favorite, so decided that was the plan. 

We had a very crabby Lilah. Most of the day. But she seemed to be getting better. She should have been fine through dinner…

So we get to Wei Li. We sit down, browse the menu, tell the boys about our favorites and usuals. Order drinks, set Lilah up with some puffs to keep her happy until food time. Then we place our order. Some time passes as we wait for our food. Lilah starts to stir. The time isn’t unusual, or exceeding expectations for the wait for our food, but Lilah is growing fussier (we think there are some teeth finally coming to the surface). 

By the time our food comes out, she is not happy. Dino Smith Jr. and I are trying to rush thru our meal while playing the “I’ll take her, you eat” game. Then…THEN…THIS PART!! The OWNER comes over and she says “I’ll take her, give her to me. Eat your meal.” She extends her hands, grabs my fussy, teething baby, and walks away! Lilah silences herself!! She went back to work! Lilah in tow! Placing orders, greeting customers… all the while keeping Lilah perfectly content!!

I snuck a picture (below) and asked her permission to post it to media! This woman, right here, holding my baby, is amazing!! 

Never have I felt so welcome and so calm about a fussy baby!! Usually there are rude glances or eye rolls! Nope! Not from the staff at Wei Li!!! They all, I mean ALL played with my overtired, teething, 10-month-old as if she was one of theirs!!

This will now always be my go-to for Chinese!!! Best customer service I have ever received!!”

It’s important to note, several people that commented on Laura’s post said the owner also did this for them while visiting Wei-Li.

People can be amazing! 

Wei-Li opened its doors in 2002 and currently has a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews. 

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