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GALESBURG — Historically, vegan and vegetarian food and restaurant options have been limited in Galesburg. With the rise of awareness for the importance of healthy eating, new food businesses are opening and old ones are adapting to a wider menu. While in the past a vegan or vegetarian may have skipped on eating outside the home due to a lack of food options, this is changing. 

Cornucopia Natural Foods Store and Deli, 176 S. Seminary St., was one of the first healthy eating choices to arrive in Galesburg in 1989.

“When we came here there was nothing,” said Susan Lyon, an owner of Cornucopia. “We are vegetarians and there weren’t many options.”

Since the natural food store’s official opening, the business has grown and is now offering much more to Galesburg, with two full fridge doors of dairy alternatives, two doors of meat alternatives and a wide array of spices, organic foods and vitamins.

In addition, the store features a kitchen that prides itself on the wide array of affordable healthy options and global flavors. The cook, Renu Mckee, creates a variety of different foods and uses ingredients from Cornucopia to ensure that the finished products are derived from safe food options. 

“I make sure that vegan or vegetarian and gluten-free people have options,” said Mckee. “It’s fair for everybody.”

On Mondays, Cornucopia offers an Indian cuisine lunch buffet with dishes such as masalas, curries, flatbreads and more. They offer different lunch specials every day, as well as vegan burgers, sandwiches, wraps, breakfast options and more.   

Another healthy food option in Galesburg is GloBar, a smoothie and juice spot at 337 E. Main St.; it offers a balance of vegetarian and vegan food specials as well as non-vegan options. They also have gluten-free bread and their food menu changes every week to offer a different variety of vegetarian sandwiches and wraps. In addition, their smoothies and juices are hand-pressed, featuring fruits from local farmers when in season. 

“We use whole foods. When we say there is orange juice, it’s because we had oranges and I squeezed them,” said Angelica Mangieri, co-owner of GloBar. 

GloBar also features monthly super clubs with various themes. On April 25, they will host their first vegan dinner with four-course menus. For information or to secure a seat, email [email protected] 

Nutrition on Main is another healthy option for Galesburg locals. Located at 215 E. Main St., the business focuses on healthy drink options (including vegan and vegetarian) and offers weight loss challenge classes every month. 

“We offer protein shakes, protein iced coffee, energy juices and some healthy unsweet tea,” said Alyssa Shea, owner of Nutrition on Main. “We offer a lot of herbal life products that are healthy for all-around nutrition.”

Other restaurants where vegans and vegetarians can find healthy food options are:

• Baked, 57 S. Seminary St., will create a vegan pizza if the buyer brings their own cheese alternative or any other ingredient they would like on the pizza. They also have vegetarian pizza options that can be changed to vegan when removing the cheese, and the pizza still tastes just as delicious. They serve vegan soups and salads, and offer a gluten-free socca pizza.

• Innkeeper’s Fresh Roasted Coffee, 80 N. Seminary St., always has vegan and vegetarian options available for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Their menu changes regularly to offer a variety of options. Their Mediterranean sunflower salad is currently one of the most popular options from their menu. They also have items called the Groovy Bagel Melt for vegetarians, as well as quiche, vegan soups and more.

• Landmark Cafe and Creperie, 62 S. Seminary St., will let guests build their own crepes to make any crepe vegetarian-friendly. They also feature salads that can be requested as vegan, a strawberry lemon vegan muffin, steamed veggies, pasta to be requested vegetarian and much more. 

 • 156 East, at 156 E. Main St., offers vegetarian options such as falafel, veggie burgers, salads and gluten-free bread.

In addition to this list, other restaurants in Galesburg may be willing to cater to creating vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free options upon request.

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