Chinese restaurant chain in California kicking out diners with fever amid coronavirus crisis – New York Post

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A chain of Chinese restaurants in California is so terrified of the novel coronavirus, it is checking customers’ temperatures before letting them inside — kicking out anyone with a fever.

Sichuan Impression uses an infrared thermometer to check for fevers with anyone trying to dine at its three locations in West Los Angeles, Tustin and Alhambra, it revealed on Instagram.

“If any abnormal symptom, such as fever, is identified, we will immediately assist to contact the nearest medical service,” the restaurant said.

“If you refuse to cooperate with the temperature measurement, we have to regretfully deny the service to you for the time being.”

In fact, the restaurants would prefer customers just stayed away.

“We encourage everyone to order ‘to-go’ for the time being, and will offer 5% off discount for the entire order,” the Instagram announcement said, with the Tustin location also offering free local delivery.

Sichuan Impression said the drastic measure was because having “a healthy and safe dinning environment” is its “top priority.”

“We have family in China, so we understand the importance of doing everything we can to protect both our customers and our workers,” co-owner Kelly Xiao told the Orange County Register. “Everybody has a responsibility to do what they can do.”

The post mostly received positive reactions from customers, with a few saying they would stay away.

Some also worried that the testing could be a risk itself. “You are INFECTING every single person that you are touching with this thermometer,” @thereseember replied, calling them “VECTORS of AEROSOLIZED pathogens.”

The restaurant also posted a video on Instagram of members of its staff wearing face masks. “Isolate the virus, Don’t isolate love! Be Strong, China,” the caption reads.

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