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When it comes to deciding on where and what to eat, your options are typically limited to either cooking or eating out. For some of us, the decision is simple, but for the rest of us, choosing between cooking and eating out can be a really difficult choice to make. As always, we at the Clog are here to help! Read on to figure out whether today is a day for cooking or whether eating out is the better option.

Cooking is cheaper

As Bay Area prices continue to rise and our status of being broke college students persists, eating out isn’t always possible for our budgets. Thankfully, grocery stores and kitchens come to the rescue, and cooking presents a more feasible alternative. Whether it’s an egg scramble dish that can be eaten at any time of the day or a heartwarming empanada recipe, cooking a meal for yourself is the perfect transition into adulthood. Cooking also makes you feel like you have your life together even in the most chaotic times.

There’s so much more variety when you eat out

When it comes to cooking, most of us are really only familiar with a few recipes and can only prepare a few dishes well. This can get boring really fast. To mix things up a bit, eat out every once in a while and order food that you wouldn’t make yourself. After all, Berkeley has an excellent variety of cuisines throughout the city.

Cook your stress away

With midterms and bucketloads of work and assignments, stress is no stranger to any of us. Cooking a meal for yourself can alleviate some of that pressure. There’s just something about the smell of food cooking that releases those endorphins and does wonders for you.

You don’t need to do dishes when you eat out

Undoubtedly, the most frustrating thing about cooking is having to wash an endless pile of dishes afterward. If you eat out, however, all you have to concern yourself with is finishing your plate of food. Instead of spending half an hour with your hands under water and ending up with raisin fingers, you can banter with your friends and loved ones at a cool restaurant in town!

Cooking can be much faster than going to a restaurant

Let’s be honest. While eating out and being at a restaurant can sound more efficient in terms of time, we often don’t include the time it takes to travel to and from the restaurant, as well as the wait time for the food. In fact, simply cooking the meal you want would probably take half the time.

Treat yourself and eat out!

While cooking is the typical college student segue into adulthood, it’s great to treat yourself to your favorite restaurant once in a while. Nothing feels more like a treat than getting yourself a nice meal after weeks upon weeks of cramming for various school assignments and projects. Why spend your time feeling sad or stressed about grades when you could enjoy the feeling of being slightly overfull instead?

Whether you ultimately decide to eat out or cook for yourself today, we at the Clog support the decision fully. Happy eating, Bears!

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