Cake, pizza shops burgled – Ahmedabad Mirror

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A store manager working at a cake shop near Prahladnagar has filed a complaint of theft at a cake shop. Cash amounting to Rs 87,859 was stolen from the cash counter at the shop in Pushpak Complex. An adjoining pizza shop was also broken into and Rs 5,100 cash stolen from its counter, as per the complaint filed.

Maganbhai Ratabhai Ven (26), resident of Ayodhya Apartment, Balolnagar, Ranip, who works as store manager with Dangee Dumps at Pushpak Complex, opposite Prahladnagar towing station, filed the complaint claiming that the store was broken into on Monday night. He claimed that Rs 87,859, which was the cash turnover for three days was in a locked cash counter and he had locked the shop shutter as well.

When he opened the cake shop he found the shutter broken into and the cash missing. He also learnt that the adjoining pizza shop La Pino’z Pizza was also broken into and Rs 5,100 cash stolen from its cash counter. Ven called up the police control room and filed a complaint with the Anandnagar police.

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