Elderly Italian Man Complains About Pasta Running Out Amidst Coronavirus Scare – Storypick

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The panic surrounding coronavirus has people stocking up on goods. Not just face masks and hand sanitisers, but tissue rolls, soaps, and other household items are also being picked up in bulk. Stocks are running out in stores quickly, leaving several others agitated.

Speaking of which, a video of an elderly Italian man complaining about pasta running out of stock in a grocery store amidst coronavirus has gone viral on the internet.

“The pasta shelves are empty. What is happening? There wasn’t this much panic when World War II started. Oh my god!”

Watch the video here:

People on the internet have found the man’s love for pasta extremely relatable! Many are calling the video “the most Italian thing ever”. Have a look:

This man is all of us searching for pasta when those evil cravings hit!

Nevertheless, it’s important for us all to take precautionary measures. Stay safe, everyone!

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