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Owner Shaun DaVill says that of course he’s worried about business, but he’s more concerned about his employees

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Just like many other small businesses in the Valley, a Boardman bakery is concerned about keeping their doors open during this time. But more importantly, they’re worried about their employees.

N2 by DaVill is an ice cream and bakery shop on South Avenue and they employ people with special needs.

N2 has made huge strides to keep their shop clean with sanitizing stations, but with so many people uncertain about leaving home, owner Shaun DaVill is more concerned about being able to stay open.

He says that of course he’s worried about business, but he’s more concerned about his employees.

One of the employees had a special message for First News.

“We all need to come together and keep clean and wash our hands and just stick together and not worry about everything. We should just come together and stay clean and stay safe,” said Nathan Weaver.

“As a small business owner, my biggest worry is my employees and keeping their jobs,” said DaVill. “Of course, my livelihood as well, and you know, being that we have people with special needs, it is a bigger deal because it’s harder for them to even find a job. So, it’s important to me that we keep them here and that small businesses are supported.”

N2 by DaVill also announced they will now be offering delivery for their products and cakes for five dollars within ten miles of their store.

They also introduced cookie and cupcake kits.

They say this is a perfect way to keep the kids busy.

The kits come with cupcakes or cookies as well as frosting and decorations.

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