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The beloved Aussie comedian took to Instagram to introduce his fans to a vital new system — the ‘Pasta Popularity Hierarchy’. 

Across Australia, pasta sections of supermarkets are particularly sparse right now. And looking at Hamish’s recent Instagram post,  his local shop is no exception. 

The photo shows shelves that are completely desolate, with the exception of one kind of pasta — the humble, misunderstood Risoni.

“Everybody is doing it tough right now but spare a thought for Risoni,” Hamish captioned the post.

“Brutal way to find out where you sit in PPH (Pasta Popularity Hierarchy).”

Hamish’s witty observation pokes fun at the panic buying craze that has swept our supermarkets, with toilet paper and pasta becoming the go-to purchases for those preparing to self-isolate.

“Risoni I want you to know I’d absolutely use you as the noodle in a chicken noodle soup,” the post continued.

“I mean, not today, I’m only allowed two packs and I’m chasing rigatoni. But maybe next week. Stay in the fight.”




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The photo has garnered more than 100 thousand likes, and thousands of comments. Many of them adding their own dash of humour to the situation.

“There risoni a few types I will buy, this one doesn’t pasta test,” wrote one punny commenter.

“This is the kind of content we need in these hard times,” added another.

Hamish’s Instagram account has become a beacon of humour and positivity. He has also shared with fans a photo of his ‘home curriculum’.

In the prank post, Hamish explains that his years of working from home make him more than equipped to organise his five-year-old son’s home schooling schedule.

“I have worked from home for a few years so I can utilise what I’ve learnt about daily structure to create a perfect stay at home curriculum for my son. To all mums and dads, you are free to borrow it.”

On the list, titled ‘Mr B’s Daily Curriculum’, Hamish breaks the day down hour by hour.

The schedule is filled to the brim with the very best procrastination activities, such as an hour dedicating to deciding what to eat for lunch, before an hour dedicated to eating said lunch.




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3pm is marked out for ‘giving up for the day’, and 4pm is locked in for ‘Seinfeld’ viewing — it truly does sound like the perfect day.

“We can do this guys, when you break the day down into little achievable pieces it’s not too hard. Stay safe,” Hamish quipped in the caption.

Many in the comments are thanking Hamish for sharing his expertise. And there are plenty praising the comedian for keeping things light and silly during such a complicated situation.

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