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People postponing or canceling gatherings and celebrations has had a major impact on Coccadotts. 

They’re used to being busy here. 

“It’s been a struggle.  Every day you pick up the phone and you get excited that it’s going to be an order, but unfortunately every time the phone rings, it’s just been cancellation after cancellation. All of our weddings have canceled, all of our birthday parties are cancelled,” she said. 

Dott says they’ve had to shift employee hours and tell some to stay home.  She’s worried about the possibility of an order closing them down altogether. 

“We had a lot of people come in yesterday and it was nice.  Usually if you know Coccadotts, it’s crazy in here, there are usually lines out the door and we just kind of get people in and get people out, but yesterday we slowed down a bit and we got to reunite with a lot of our customers.” 

Dott says she heard stories about what the bakery means to people, and it’s a silver lining in these unsettling times. 

“Just to feel that connection to the community that they know we’re here and they didn’t forget about us.  It was a good day yesterday.” 

Coccadotts is planning to offer some free cupcake-decorating kits for children.  They’ll be posting the information about that on their website in the coming days. 


Source: Thanks https://wnyt.com/coronavirus/bakery-colonie-coccadotts-customers-social-distancing-business-change-/5677823/