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PROSPECT PARK  — One of the items in short supply during the coronavirus is not something you might think a baker might stock. Traub’s bakery, though, which is known for its creative confectionery, is meeting the demand, with TP cakes.

“With everything that is going on sadly, we’re making a little light of the tough situation we’re in,” said cake decorator, Lauren Lanciano, who helped come up with the creation. “Tuesday was the first day and it has surely picked up. We’re getting a lot of orders. We just had an empty shelf but are restocking.”

The shop is selling two styles, seven inch round and three-inch mini cakes. It features a yellow cake on white icing on with a center roll, the end is nicely folded for the next customer, and definitely two-ply squeezably soft.

A sign suggests, “Buy a square you can share.”

“It’s a team effort to do whatever we can to come up with,” said Lanciano. “It brings in the crowds. They are definitely delicious, with yellow cake inside.”

With venues closing and weddings being canceled, Lanciano said business has been down for the bakery, which has been in the borough since 1966 and employees 15-20 bakers and decorators working from the wee hours of the morning until dark.

The bakery is known for its creative cakes that often make light of topical events, In 2016 they created a “Make America Great Again” Hats and in 2015 there was the deflated Tom Brady footballs.

“The deflated footballs sold a ton and the MAGA hats were huge,” said Lanciano. “We also had a Thumb Up cake with a picture of the Pope giving the ‘Thumbs Up.’”

Lanciano said sports-themed cakes are always popular at the bakery and wonders what the shut down of the local sports team will mean.

“We’ve sold a lot of Eagles cakes and hats over the years. Sports is really big here, The Flyers, the Phillies, there are a lot of sad people,” she said.

While still open during the crisis, the shop is taking all the precautions with hand sanitizers, social distancing extra cautious and extra cleaning, Lanciano said.

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