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A staff member of Yolé Singapore has been disciplined for her inappropriate handling of food.

Footage of the incident, which took place at the yoghurt brand’s outlet in United Square, started circulating on social media on Mar. 18 —  possibly earlier.

A Mothership reader also reached out to us with the video.

The 31-second clip, taken from a bird’s-eye view, shows two Yolé staff in the kitchen.

One of the staff was eating straight from the tub while using her phone.

What most viewers would have a problem with was the fact that she repeatedly dipped her spoon in the tub.

This is especially so as the Covid-19 climate has heightened sensitivity in matters of hygiene.

However, it was not clear what the staff was consuming, and whether the tub of food was meant for customers.

A second staff was shifting boxes around the store, stopping intermittently to chat with the first.

In case you can’t see, here’s a snippet.

Immediate action taken

In response to the video, Yolé has released a statement on their Facebook page on evening of Mar. 18.

The yoghurt brand acknowledged and video and said that they have been in touch with the involved parties to carry out further investigation.

With the franchisee, they have also taken disciplinary actions on the staff.

Yolé then apologised for the incident and reassured customers that health and safety remains their top priority.

The brand, however, did not clarify what the tub was meant for.

You can read their post here:

Top image via Mothership reader

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