Homeslice Pizza delivering pies in the Hamptons from a wood oven van – New York Post

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Got carbs? Normally any self-respecting resident of the Hamptons would shudder at the thought but coronavirus changes everything.

Turns out two guys in a pizza van with a wood oven are making sure everyone from Sagaponack to Southampton doesn’t starve – and packs on the pounds. Call it Apocalypse Dough.

Terry Maguire and Liam Stegman, a couple of enterprising guys from Homeslice Pizza are making, freezing, and firing up pies to deliver round-the-clock to hungry denizens of the Hamptons. Or maybe their customers are just a lot of people stress-eating while they watch TV reports calling New York the new center of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Either way, Maguire and Stegman can barely keep up with the demand.

“This is the craziest we’ve ever worked,” Stegman told the Post. “We’re two guys cranking our hundred pies a day by hand.”

But not much money is changing hands, at least not cash or credit cards.

“People are asking us to leave the pizzas on the porch,” Stegman said. “They’re afraid to give cash. Only Venmo.”

Pizza, despite the calories, is apparently looking good to impatient Hamptonites, who otherwise can only go into their local organic food stores nine at a time.

Local Peter Brandi bought 10 pies Thursday and called again Saturday to order 20 more.

Homeslice had previously catered pizzas to such celebs at Gwyneth Paltrow’s engagement party in 2018 and 400 people at a private Red Hot Chili Peppers show this past summer – an era that now seems to belong to the Pleistocene period.

“This is a totally different animal,” Stegman said. “Seems like end times.”

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