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Crudo Nudo in Norfolk served meals to help its employees earn some extra money. The restaurant is trying to make ends meet through donations.

NORFOLK, Va. — COVID-19 has created a lot of concern and impacted the restaurant industry.

On Saturday, Norfolk restaurant Crudo Nudo started a new way to help their employees earn some money during this tough time.

Employees set up a table outside of the restaurant and received donations for meals prepared by the owners and chefs.

Donors lined up for a hot plate, ready to help. Lauren Eby was one of them.

“It just kind of sucks that people are in a hard situation right now,” said Eby.

Eby works as a nanny. She’s doing what she can to give back to other workers.

“Since the kids are out of school I’m working more than usual so I feel like since I’m doing really well right now, ironically, I should donate and help people who really can’t go to work or afford their bills,” said Eby.

Crudo nudo restaurant owner Eric Nelson and four other restaurants have stepped up by cooking food and raising money for their employees.

“Now that we’re take-out it’s no where near what it was. So, why not offer what we can do? We can cook and we can offer things. That all we have is to be able to give back,” said Nelson.

Nelson said these take-out donation meals will go on until work becomes normal again.

Here’s a list of other restaurants participating.

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