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RENO, Nev. (RENO) Bagels being made for tomorrow’s customers that’s what you’ll see in the back at Rounds Bakery in the late morning.

There’s also bread and muffins and cookies on the day’s schedule.
Up front the baked good are all on display for customers to see.
But the configuration of the bakery has changed.

The owner here says it is based on the set up out at Telsa where Rounds supplies the food.

“A new program where we have a self-checkout kiosk, says Anton Novak, the owner of Rounds of the new layout at the bakery. So you don’t have to interact with our employees. And we have everything prepared as a grab as you go or bagged option. You go in you grab a loaf of bread a couple of sandwiches. We can make bagged lunches for your guys, and walk out with no lines,” he says.

Novak says Rounds had contracts with casinos, the airport, the ballpark, and UNR.

That demand has dried up for now.

Customers can order what they like; be it bread or packaged food and check out at the kiosk.

This underscores social distancing.

But Novak says he also knows– there are kids at home, parents working from home, so he has come up with a plan for that as well.

“One kid loves turkey, one kids loves tuna, one kid loves roast beef.,” says Novak. “We can make all those sandwiches put them in a bag. That is a sandwich, a bag of chips, a drink and cookie all for $7.00. “

That price is per lunch.

Another idea: Novak says while residents have stocked up on eggs, milk and bread, those items still may be tough to come by.

That’s why he is offering those staples at his bakery as well.

“And of course if you bring in an egg carton we will fill it up for you and sell it to you,” he says.

The bakery has won awards as Reno’s favorite.

But there is also a recognition for the good they do for the community.
Excess baked goods are going to places like the Children’s Cabinet.

And look to the east side of the store and you’ll find other baked goods for those who are coming up short in their pocketbooks.

“That is for anyone who has lost his job, and find themselves in incredible financial burden right now,” says Novak. “Come in take what you need. Pay what you can, but not required. We are here to help the community,” he says.

Novak says he has had to lay off 18 employees.

He says they’ve taken donuts off the menu for now.
That’s a big disappointment to regulars to the bakery.

He tries to remain optimistic, and hopes those who can, take advantage of the different services Rounds now offers.

That includes roadside and home delivery.

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