Ann Summers sells more of its penis pasta in last seven days than in the past year – Evening Standard

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Empty pasta shelves have been a common sight across supermarkets in the past few weeks, as the coronavirus pandemic causes the nation to stockpile (here’s why you shouldn’t). 

Yet, savvy shoppers have found alternative sources to their dried goods needs – at sex toy-specialist Ann Summers. 

The retailer has revealed it has sold more boxes of its x-rated penis-shaped pasta in the past week than in the whole of 2019. 

So much of the pasta was ordered via the Ann Summers site that it temporarily sold out, but it is now back in stock so you can go back to making your phallic-shaped evening meal. The pasta box, which retails for £5 apiece, is also now limited to just one box per customer. 

Ann Summers has even teamed up with Italian chef Aldo Zilli to create a wild garlic pesto sauce to accompany the dish. Zilli said: “In times like these, it’s important we look to have some fun and smile where we can. In a turn of events, I am excited to be teaming up with Ann Summers to share a delicious recipe for cooking with their best selling Penis Pasta, providing ultimate meal-inspiration.”

While the Ann Summers stores closed over the weekend, its online offering will stay open for ‘as long as possible’. 

In a statement, Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold said: “To keep you, our customers – and our family safe, we’ve decided to close our stores for now. Stores will close on the afternoon of Sunday 22nd March and all colleagues affected will remain on full pay until at least the end of April.

“We may be kept apart in the physical sense but you won’t miss out on those years of expertise you know and love from our awesome store teams and legendary party ambassadors. We look forward to welcoming you back in person to our stores when the time is right but, for now, the priority for us all has to be to stay safe. Let’s look after each other.”

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