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Hey, weirdoughs. All 10,000 of you.

That’s how many Star Tribune readers came through to determine which Minnesota-made frozen pizzas are moving on from the Easy-Cheesy Eight.

The tastiest tournament continues, and things are heating up like a brick oven. Meet your Freezer-Case Four: Mucci’s, Heggies Pizza, Davanni’s and Sven & Ole’s.

How did we get here? Here’s a recap of round 1, the Saucy Sixteen.

In the latest round, first-ranked Mucci’s eked out a win over local grocer Kowalski’s, with 54 % of the vote. Davanni’s sent the Red Baron flying, picking up a decisive victory with 61 %.

Grand Marais’ Sven & Ole’s — in another shocking upset — beat Bellatoria by just a 4-point margin.

And in a painful match between two fan favorites, Heggies Pizza said “notzza” to Brew Pub Lotzza Motzza with 59 % of the vote.

The results tell a few stories about pizza in Minnesota.

First, all pies from Minnesota-based frozen food chains — Schwan’s Co. and Bernatello’s Foods — have been eliminated. Three of the remaining frozen pizzas originated in restaurants; the fourth is a popular bar pie.

And brand allegiance, unsurprisingly, is long-lasting. Davanni’s launched its first restaurant in St. Paul 45 years ago. In Grand Marais, Sven & Ole’s has been operating in one form or another since 1981. Heggies got its start in an Onamia, Minn. garage in 1989. Only Mucci’s came up in the current millennium — the St. Paul spot opened in 2016, and the Minneapolis version opened last year.

For those pies still in the mix, the remaining matches pit the metro against the rest of the state.

So, can Grand Marais melt Minneapolis and St. Paul in Sven & Ole’s vs. Mucci’s? Can little Milaca top the Twin Cities in Heggies Pizza vs. Davanni’s? Or is it all just pie in the sky?

Decide who makes it to the final round, the Tasty Two. Vote through Thursday at 5 p.m.


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