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Pizza vs Pandemic site supports pizzerias, care workers

Support pizzerias and care workers with one tweet at new website (Photo provided)

Online pizza ordering platform Slice has partnered with the community non-profit Slice Out Hunger and the Pizza to Polls organization to launch the Pizza vs. Pandemic website to get food to essential personnel while supporting small businesses, according to an email from organizers..  The effort is sending pizza to workers in care centers, hospitals, clinics, shelters and other essential service centers nationally around the clock and has raised more than $18,000 for its work in just a few days. Donations can be made of any size at The Slice team coordinates deliveries between local pizzerias and care centers in the greatest areas of need, while anyone with knowledge of workers in need of a pie can tweet @SliceOutHunger. The recipients will be confirmed and then pizza ordered and sent via Slice.All participating pizzerias are vetted and selected to follow the most recent best practices for food handling and delivery. Slice will also work with both the care center and pizzeria to determine the safest means of delivery, including curbside drop-off.These pizza orders will also provide much-needed revenue to the small business restaurants serving food to communities nationwide.The program will continue, according to the email, “as long as it takes to support these tireless workers.”

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