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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — After more than 60 years of serving the Las Vegas valley, one of the best-known bakeries is changing the way they do business because of the novel coronavirus.

Freed’s Bakery has one of the best selections in town, but right now, you’ll have to view it from afar because they’re strictly following Gov. Sisolak’s social distancing orders. Right now, the bakery is only filling orders through curbside pickup or delivery. It’s one of several changes they’ve made to stay open and keep families fed.

And even though employees are the only people allowed inside Freed’s Bakery currently, the customers just keep on coming.

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Staff says traffic is significantly slower than usual, but they also benefit from a steady stream of loyal customers.

“We just feel very fortunate and very glad that we can still keep our doors open and be a part of this community,” said Kristin LoVullo, a pastry chef and cake decorator at the bakery.

When asked how Freed’s is managing to pull it off, LoVullo says the bakery is getting back to the basics.

“I don’t know if you know this, but Freed’s makes bread, amazing bread,” she said, half-jokingly. “So, we’ve done a lot more of that to help the community and give them a place where they can find those necessities,” said LoVullo.

To keep families fed, Freed’s is cutting back on cakes and cookies and baking more bread.

“We’ve been doing it [baking bread] since they opened 60 years ago. It just hasn’t been our forefront main product, and it’s funny how it’s come around, and now that’s our main seller, and that’s what we are really ramping up in production, rather than our sweet treats and cakes,” said LoVullo.

But before you start worrying about your favorite Freed’s sweet treats, LoVullo says you can expect the same massive spread at the store.

“We are as available as we ever were, and it’s just kind of the process that’s changed a little bit,” said LoVullo.

Freed’s just started offering new cookie and cupcake decorating kits, hoping to take a little pressure off parents who are cooped up at home with their kids.

“It’s something different, less cleanup if you’re doing everything yourself. You can just open the box and let them go to town, have fun, be creative, get a little joy in their day,” said LoVullo.

After 61 years of serving the Las Vegas valley, Freed’s just wants customers to know that their doors will stay open, even if you can’t come inside.

“We just want to be there for our community and offer them what they need, and our doors are open, and we feel very grateful to be able to serve our community and offer things to make your day a little bit brighter,” said LoVullo.

Between the freshly baked bread and cookie decorating kits and all the sweets you find in store, it’s all available for you to order online to any location in the Las Vegas Valley. Plus, right now, Freed’s is taking half off all delivery fees.

To view the Freed’s menu and place an order, click this link.

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