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Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry had made sure that everyone knows he does not like pineapple on pizza. On Wednesday (Thursday IST), Ayesha Curry was live on Instagram when she asked out loud ‘Does pineapple go on pizza?’ Steph Curry settled the debate while he was off-camera, confirming that he does not prefer the combination. 

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Steph Curry on pineapple pizza: Steph Curry admits to not being a fan of pineapple on pizza during Ayesha Curry’s Instagram live session

Steph Curry on pineapple pizza: Steph Curry’s response made Ayesha Curry laugh

During the Q&A live, Ayesha Curry asked the question, calling it a ‘serious conversation starter’. As soon as Ayesha Curry finished the question, Steph Curry’s response could be heard as he yelled from another room. The two-time MVP’s ‘hell no’ made Ayesha Curry laugh as she carried on with the live. 

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Steph Curry on pineapple pizza: While Steph Curry dislikes it, LeBron James is okay with Hawaiian pizza

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Steph Curry Instagram: Curry to hold coronavirus Q&A session

Since the NBA season was suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus outbreak, various NBA players have taken the initiative to contribute to the society and help curb the virus. Steph Curry has donated money, helped feed children whose schools have been shut down, urged people to practice social distancing and will now be holding a Q&A session about the virus to help answer some doubts people have. Curry has been quarantining in his house with his family while posting occasional updates on social media. Currently, the USA has over 68,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2,500 of which are from California. 

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