Toilet paper cakes selling out amid coronavirus hoarding hysteria – New York Post

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It’s a new kind of sweet roll.

One bakery is poking fun at coronavirus-sparked toilet paper hoarding in a hilarious way — by rolling out cakes modeled after toilet paper. And just like their bum wipe namesakes, the TP-inspired confections are flying off the shelves, reports German news outlet The Local.

“The first eight were gone in a few minutes,” says Tim Kortüm, 36, owner of Schürener Backparadies in Dortmund, Germany, which created the toilet paper-aping treats by encircling marble cakes in white fondant. He initially rolled out the confections to cheer people up in the midst of their coronavirus concerns, which have prompted shoppers to brawl over bathroom tissue.

Needless to say, the bathroom tissue facsimiles started selling like hot cakes, prompting Kortüm to roll out 200 of the unorthodox “Swiss rolls” per day to satisfy customer cravings. Their popularity has helped keep the sweet shop afloat as Backparadies had to discontinue items such as wedding cakes and sandwiches for events due to dropping demand caused by social distancing.

“That’s when the idea with the toilet paper cake came up,” said the proud baker, who showcases his creations on Instagram. If that wasn’t enough, he also conjured up an adorable cupcake adorned with two eyes and a face mask.

And while the peculiar treats “can’t offset the bakery’s losses,” says Kortüm, they keep his 40-plus employees busy. Last week, thousands of New York City restaurant workers lost their jobs as Empire State governor Andrew Cuomo advised eateries to revert to takeout and delivery services only.

The TP cake boss isn’t the only food service cashing in on the bathroom tissue bingeing trend. A California Mexican joint recently went viral for selling an $150 emergency taco kit that came with a side of four rolls of toilet paper.

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