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Although originated in Italy, pizza is now considered one of the most recognizable dishes in the world. It’s adored all over the world, both for taste and for ease of preparation. There are countless variants of pizza recipes today, including those with sweet ingredients.

Of course, pizza tasting in Italy is an authentic experience that you shouldn’t miss while visiting this country. But in other European destinations, you can find great pizzerias with authentic recipes and flavors. The fact that it’s eaten in the entire globe launched a day that celebrates it amongst the most popular food day in the world. Precisely, National Pizza Day is third-ranked in the list of the most popular food days in the world. The criterion for this is established by Betway, who gathered data from Instagram posts and Google search history for food days.

50 Top Pizza guide annually publishes which 50 pizzerias in Italy, Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions of the world make the highest quality and most delicious pizzas. The procedure is as follows: customers first nominate their favorite pizzerias, and the “secret inspectors” of the guide visit them anonymously throughout the year and evaluate the dishes on the menu. We present to you the best pizzerias in Europe in 2019, as chosen by this guide.

50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo Pizzeria, London

50 Kalò opened in 2018 at Trafalgar Square. The owner of the restaurant is Chef Ciro Salvo from Naples, who learned his craft at his grandmother’s restaurant in Italy. 50 Top Pizza declared the pizza in this restaurant the best in Europe (excluding Italy). Salvo’s restaurant in London has English and Mediterranean food on the menu, can accommodate 90 guests, and among the most popular pizzas are 50 kalò, montanara, and margherita. The specificity of the restaurant is that the kitchen is outdoors and guests can see all the stages of preparation of the dishes they have ordered.

Bijou, Paris

On the second position in this guide is the Bijou restaurant, which is also owned by a chef from Naples – GennaroNasti. The restaurant opened in 2016 in a prestigious Paris location (Montmartre) and is known for carefully designed pizzas whose ingredients are exclusively seasonal. This means that the menu changes frequently throughout the year and creations are innovative and exude freshness. Chef Nasti has perfected the technique of making pizzas from modern combinations of ingredients while respecting the basic traditional principles of Neapolitan pizza preparation, which became part of UNESCO’s Intangible World Heritage in 2018. The restaurant has a capacity of 40 seats.

Bæst, Copenhagen

Danish restaurant Bæst is in third place in the list of the 50 best pizzas in Europe. It’s located in the district of Nørrebro. It has been open since 2014 as part of the Relæ Community gastronomic collective consisting of four restaurants, a bakery, a wine cellar, a cocktail bar, and a mini-farm. All the pizzas on the restaurant’s menu are organic and made with local flour, cheese, and meat. The Mediterranean flavor isn’t lost in the north of Europe as the pizzas are baked in wood-fired ovens that arrived in Bæst directly from Naples.

Ober Mamma, Paris

The fourth place is occupied by Ober Mamma, a Parisian restaurant. Located near Place de la République, this restaurant is known for growing real wood in it. The pizzas are baked in wood stoves, which is why they have a special authentic quality and smoke aroma. All employees of the restaurant are Italian. Ober Mamma’s most famous pizzas are classic margheritas, as well as uncommon pizzas with truffles, grilled zucchini, and cheese. Still, the menu changes every month as ingredients are mostly seasonal.

Pizzeria Luca, Copenhagen

Another Copenhagen restaurant serves premium Italian pizza. This is the Luca Pizzeria, which recently opened in the Danish capital – in March 2019. One of the most popular pizzas on the menu is Luca. It was named after a Neapolitan pizza master (maestro pizzaiolo) named Luca Platania. He’s known for his dough, which rises 72 hours before baking. This is how all the pizzas at Pizzeria Luca’s are made.

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