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NEW DELHI: With the outbreak of COVID-19 and a 21-day national lockdown in the country, the restaurant industry has seen a severe hit in their business.
As restaurants function on the concept of social gatherings and outings, all of them have decided to shut down their operations till April 15, 2020 to ensure public health and safety selflessly.
The F&B industry provides jobs to 7.3 million people in our country; and while all of this is in the public interest, 20-25% of these people are at risk of losing their jobs if the pandemic continues. Even though the restaurants are not spending on their inventory, they still have monthly expenses like EMIs, taxes, salaries etc to pay.
To help the restaurant industry in such trying times, Dineout has filed a petition #ReliefForRestaurants on change.org requesting the Finance Ministry and Government of India to:

  • Help restaurants with employee unemployment pay cover
  • Moratorium on upcoming statutory dues
  • Delay in utility bill payments,/temporary stoppage on EMI payments & interest
  • Freezing rental dues
  • Restoration of Input Tax Credit on GST for all restaurants

The petition is Dineout’s way of showing support and saving the restaurant industry from taking a hit in a time like this with so many jobs at stake. While the restaurants have put the nation first instead of themselves, it is only fair that we reciprocate the feeling.
If you also feel the same way then show your support by signing the petition and making sure that your favourite hangout spots aren’t shut forever. The pandemic might last longer than we comprehend, but that shouldn’t be the reason for people to sleep on empty stomachs, especially small businesses that work on a daily wage model.
It’s time that all of us stand together for the people who’ve been selflessly serving us for so long.
Sign in to support : Save Restaurants in India #ReliefForRestaurants

Source: Thanks https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/dineout-steps-in-with-reliefforrestaurants-petition-as-the-restaurant-industry-takes-a-hit-amidst-covid-19-lockdown/articleshow/74904748.cms