Beyond lockdown: A statement from Eat Out – Eat Out

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With our restaurants in severe crisis right now, Eat Out’s core focus is to do everything in our power to assist the industry in recuperating.

To safeguard businesses and the salaries of restaurant staff, we’re mobilising our audience to help support the restaurants they love, using the crowdfunding platforms GoFundMe and BackaBuddy.

Eat Out has also made the difficult decision to postpone the annual Eat Out Restaurant Awards, which was due to take place in November 2020. We believe the restaurant industry will need time to recover once we are through this difficult period, and it would not be accurate or fair to judge them until they are strong and back to offering the eating out experiences that have made South Africa a world-class culinary destination.

We are pausing reviewing for the same reason.

To help support restaurants financially, we invite diners who would have gone out to eat to offer some of that money to the restaurants. This can be done via GoFundMe, or funds can be pledged to individual staff members through BackaBuddy.

Eat Out has a new dedicated page that connects diners to these restaurants. Please visit it to help our industry.

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