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Are you missing your busy on-the-go mornings and the quick vegan breakfasts that accompany them? Or are you digging your new slow a.m. routine with homemade brunch? Either way, we’ve got the deets and DIY swaps to get your freshly-washed hands on these breakfast favorites.

Longing for your Dunkin’ breakfast run? Well, the hustle and bustle may have slowed but a run through the drive-thru for a quick change of scenery is still an option. Pick up your Beyond breakfast sandwich, ordered without cheese or eggs, and a soy milk latte for a delicious taste of normalcy. Want to stay inside as much as possible? We hear you! Opt for the new Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties from your friendly freezer. Load that patty on a Dave’s Killer Bread English Muffin, top with a Follow Your Heart American Slice, and enjoy on your sofa. You’re welcome.


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We know you miss the barista greeting you with “The usual?” as you walk through the door. Us too! Luckily, many Starbucks lobbies and drive-thrus remain open. Everything Bagels with Avocado Spread and nondairy lattes, here we come! Thinking the DIY route is more your style? Trader Joes offers tasty vegan bagels and packaged guacamole to recreate this simple yet tasty recipe at home. Do you like oxymorons? Elevate your bagel with Everything But the Bagel seasoning! And for that caffeine pick-me-up, might we suggest Oatly Barista Blend in your coffee? It’s amazing!


Is the Mega Mango smoothie and Peanut Butter Banana Toast (sans honey) your usual breakfast commute grub? Several Jamba locations remain open and some are offering contactless delivery. Thinking you’d rather make it at home? Jamba lists all ingredients on their website, making it super easy to recreate in the comfort of your own kitchen. Looks like it’s time to break out that container of Justin’s Peanut Butter, slice up a banana, and place it on top of your favorite vegan toast. We love lightly-toasted Ezekiel bread for the base!

Jamba Juice

Having it your way at BK means vegan hash browns, French toast, and oatmeal. We love these options for a quick grab-and-go breakfast nosh en route to work. While the Croissan’wich is not vegan, if prepared at home, it definitely can be. You’ll need a vegan crescent roll, like Annie’s Homegrown, Follow your Heart Vegan Egg, and a slice of vegan cheese, like Chao. We’ve really got our eye on this one!

Burger King French Toast Sticks

IHOP, The International House of Pancakes, does not offer vegan pancakes at this time. While we still love veganizing IHOP breakfasts (think: crispy hash browns topped with sautéed veggies and avocado), now is the time to channel our inner pancake house chef and make alllll the vegan flapjacks. Sure, a from-scratch recipe would be epic, but there are several accidentally-vegan mixes at your local grocer. Try Bisquick, Bob’s Red Mill, or Aunt Jemima to name a few.

Vegan Pancakes

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If you’re anything like us, you’re all about the all-day vegan menu items that Taco Bell has to offer, including their breakfast hash browns. If you’re still working and craving some fried potato comfort, T-Bell remains operational at this time, so get your fix! If you’re working from your new home office, now is the time to DIY vegan breakfast crunchwraps, burritos, and more. We’re thinking tofu scramble, hash browns, beans, and VioLife cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla. Bonus points for those who break into their Taco Bell sauce packets for dipping. Come on, you know you have a stash!

Taco Bell Hash Browns

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Is Tropical Smoothie your beloved breakfast pick-me-up? Good news! You can still get your hands on these tasty smoothies during the pandemic. We’re all about the Paradise Point and Detox Island Green Smoothies when we order. No matter what your go-to is, these blends are super customizable and vegnaizable. If you’ve had your eye on the Mocha Madness Smoothie, use quarantine as an opportunity to recreate it at home! While traditionally made with dairy yogurt, Mocha Madness can easily be recreated with Kite Hill nondairy yogurt, chocolate, coffee, and cappuccino. This caffeine boost will have you ready to deep clean your entire house in no time.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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Hearty bagels and bagel sandwich creations part of your morning routine? Have no fear, Big Apple Bagels remains open for business. We love the Mediterranean Veg-Out with hummus and veggies on a toasted everything bagel. There’s just something about the name … If you’re more of a vegan cream cheese person, now is the time to DIY this veggie bagel sandwich with Tofutti Cream Cheese for a homemade breakfast sandwich of champs!

Big Apple Bagels Vegan

Are you used to swinging by McDonald’s for a warm cup of oatmeal sans cream and a piping hot cup of joe? No need to stop now, McDonald’s is still open to the public. If you’re staying home, hunkering down calls for comforting dishes, so take inspiration from McDonald’s and top your homemade porridge with apples and dried fruits. Since you’re home, add a splash of vegan cream—we see you Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer.

McDonald's Coffee

Similar to Dunkin’, Hardees offers Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage. This is traditionally offered on a biscuit—read: not vegan—however it can be served in a tortilla and made into a breakfast burrito. Opt for hash browns, vegan sausage, and salsa but 86 the cheese and egg. This breakfast burrito is still available as many Hardees remain open. If you’re up for the DIY swap, assemble Gardein Saus’age Patties, scrambled Just Egg, and frozen hash browns inside your favorite tortilla. We suggest prepping a few for the freezer to warm quickly and recreate the buzz of a busy morning before your next Zoom staff meeting.

Hardee's Beyond Meat

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