Clarksburg bakery collects over $4,000 to donate pepperoni rolls to local schools – WDTV

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) – Pepperoni rolls are a West Virginia staple- and Clarksburg bakery Roger’s and Mazza’s Bakery specializes in them.

When they found themselves with extra tasty treats- they wanted to give back.

“I had some extra pepperoni rolls the other day, we had a surplus,” said Dennis Mazza “I put on my Facebook if anyone would be interested in these just contact us and we’ll donate them,”

It was then the bakery realized how much need there is.

“I had a lot of people saying they’re feeding kids here at these schools and I felt bad because I didn’t have enough to go around,”

It was then the Facebook fundraiser was created, and just more than a week later they had collected over $4,000, making it possible for 24-hundred pepperoni rolls to be served to the students of Harrison County.

Not only has the bakery seen their community answer the call – but also from people across the county.

“Lots of people in the area have stepped up and people across the country,” Mazza said “A couple of my friends but also people I don’t know are donating to this cause as well,”

Due to his own upbringing, Mazza understands how trying times can impact families.

“I know what it was like as a child, it was rough,” said Mazza “With a single parent working, I know what it’s like to be hungry so that’s where I get my motivation,”

Mazza stresses the whole project would not be possible without a team of people.

“I just really want to pay particular attention to the donors, my employees, the school cooks- they’re the one’s doing all the hard work,” said Mazza “Me, I just put it together,”

The bakery plans on donating another 24-hundred rolls to the schools this week to help with the extra meals being given out before spring break.

Mazza says as long as people want to donate, they;ll keep making as many pepperoni rolls as they can.

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