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NEW YORK, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Vegandr Vegan Dating App has just the icebreaker for vegans looking to chat – a “vegan restaurant finder.” This new feature complements the app’s other dating functions, such as chat, meetup, blogging, swipe and like, posting stories, or common interests.

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The Vegan Restaurant Finder lets members share local vegan restaurants, and listed locations, for a quick meetup. With the vegan lifestyle, it can be quite difficult for two singles to find a restaurant that caters to their lifestyles and preferred menus. The option lets users not only find a new vegan restaurant to try, but also to share it on the website/app.

In addition to vegans, Vegandr lets users connect with other niche lifestyles, like fitness enthusiasts, pet lovers, and just-vegetarian. They can connect with people in different walks of life and who might choose to go vegan for different reasons – namely for health, for animal rights, or simply because they don’t like the taste of meat.

The app appeals to vegans of all ages and relationship-seekers, whether casual dating, long-term dating, or just a general friend finder. Vegans oftentimes seek out friendships with other vegans and expand their social circle organically.

The app encourages users to share details about vegan living on their profile, including information about diet, fitness routines, pets, and favorite foods. In fact, users are asked to enter the foods they eat on their profile picture, so everyone using Vegandr will immediately understand the dietary restrictions of each user – and this could be a deal-breaker for many users who have specific preferences.

Users can keep track of all the restaurants they visited, joined, and even commented on, as the restaurants shared appear as a news feed in the app, similar to what one would see on Facebook or Yelp. Sharing a new restaurant works as if posting a new review or picture; first, the name of the restaurant, then the description, photo(s), location, and address.

This is a particularly handy app for American singles, as coronavirus shelter-in-place laws have made dating more difficult, not to mention finding vegan restaurants that still do takeout. This app could help many vegans to date more efficiently, filtering out singles that don’t understand the importance of compatible lifestyles and not just physical attraction.

ABOUT THE APP: Vegandr is an app specially made for vegans who are looking for other vegan singles. Using the app features singles can instantly tell who a potential match is, with details regarding diet, lifestyle choice, and personality.

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