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You Can Still Fulfill Your Vegan Cravings With Some Takeout From This Any Of These Local, Vegan-Friendly Favorites Around North Texas.
Finding all-encompassing vegan places can be tricky to begin with, let alone during a global pandemic. Especially  when considering the chaos COVID-19 has brought upon us, as restaurants all over DFW have either closed, scaled hours back or figured out a way adapt by taking the to-go route. 
If you were planning to go vegan before the whole virus situation came down, or just want a break from typical fast food fare, these places are perfect for venturing into the vegan world. 
Unfortunately, we’ve already had to say temporary goodbyes to some local vegan favorites like Juice Lab and Goji Cafe due to the uncertainty in the service industry.
While some of these places may not be entirely vegan, their menus do offer a significant amount of vegan options. From salads to meat replacements, or even plant-based protein bowls, there are an abundance of plates to try.
Local Dallas chain Nature’s Plates offers a whole weekly meal subscription, which is great for those who don’t want to venture out into the world too much right now. Meanwhile in Denton, GreenHouse Restaurant has recently started to offer its own grocery package for the community.
Others like Recipe Oak Cliff offer curb-side pickup and will serve until close or when they sell out of their menu for the day. If you’re in the mood for a something sweet to give you a little boost of energy, the concept is also offering special juices, smoothies and teas. 
Cooking up a vegan meal at home is always an excellent way to eat in, but if you grow tired of the monotony and want to order something in, consider one of these local vegan-friendly spots. Besides, small businesses need our help right now, and we don’t want it to be any harder than it already is to find a truly vegan-friendly place after this is all over. 
From veggie bowls, meatless tacos, ginger glazed yams, and even cauliflower bites, these places have got you covered for any craving you might have throughout this shelter-in-place craziness. 
Tiki Loco 

Nature’s Plate

The GreenHouse

Recipe Oak Cliff


Spiral Diner 

Cosmic Café

The Healthy Hippie Café

Viet Bites

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