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Food transcends borders and nationalities. With the advent of social media, food traditions and experiments from different parts of the world have become global phenomena. Over the years, many food trends have gone viral.  

Recently Dalgona coffee or apni phenti hui coffee as we Indians know it, became a star overnight!

Here are some other food items that went viral –  

01 Rainbow Food  

Source: Pinterest
Source: QVC

From Ice Creams to donuts to cakes, the seven colour craze went on and on.  

02. Charcoal Food  

Source: Fodors
Source: Sprudge

Made from bamboo or coconut shell, activated charcoal made its way into the world of ice creams, pizzas, lattes etc. People had different opinions about health benefits of charcoal though.  

03. Turmeric Latte  

Source: Asian Inspirations
Source: The Candidate Diet

Haldi wala doodh finally reached the west, got a makeover and was transformed into Turmeric Latte.  

04. Plant-based Meats  

Source: Make It Grateful
Source: Forbes

First veganism was considered a ‘cool thing’ and then it became ‘common and convenient’. Being a vegan became a lifestyle and the big fast food chains like Burger King also had to make changes to their menu. They introduced an all-vegan, BK Veggie burger.  

05. Sustainable Zero Waste Food  

Source: Fair Dare
Source: Forbes

Well it’s possible. According to this report, to combat food wastage sustainable zero waste eating was introduced. This goes along with zero waste cooking.  

06. Avocado   

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Source: Food Network

Avocado has successfully made its place among humans. Mashed avocado on toast is a rage. Gluten free, healthy and not a millennial thing any more, ‘avocaderia’ is spreading all over.  

07. Freak Shake  

Source: Pink Cake Plate
Source: Metro

This giant shake has spread its dominance throughout the world. With roots in Australia, this shake is a mashup of dessert and drink. It’s topping can be anything under the sun like berries, syrup, pretzel, popcorn, mini waffles etc.  

08. Acai Bowls   

Source: Chow Hound
Source: Spring Lane

This is a mix of tropical fruits, smoothie, loaded with toppings. This went on the trend list because of the vibrant colours in a bowl.   

09. Kombucha  

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Source: Kellies Food To Glow

Kombucha is a flavour infused fermented tea. Full of probiotics and antioxidants, this is a great detox drink.   

10. Matcha  

Source: The Stylemate
Source: Times of India

Originating from Japan, some described it as the ‘coffee trend’ of 2019. Refreshing, energizing and rich in amino acids are the reasons everyone went gaga over this tea.  

11. Raindrop Cake  

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Source: ABC News

Originated in Japan and locally known as ‘Mizu Shingen Mochi’ is a translucent dessert made from mineral water, vinegar and vegan alternative of gelatin.  

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