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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Times are tough these days, and every day we see stories of people pulling together to help their neighbors. This is one of those stories – with an Easter twist.

COVID-19 has hit all of us hard in one way or another – emotionally, financially, physically. Strachn Bakery here is no exception. But that is not stopping this family-owned business from giving back.

“We were worried, we were nervous, and we were worrying if we were going to be essential,” says Doug Strachn, owner of Strachn Bakery.

The bakery is still cranking out cookies.

“We stayed open and the customers have continued to come in,” says Strachn.

But it isn’t the same.

“About a third of our business is gone because of wedding cakes and party cakes,” says Stachn.

But Strachn feels blessed for the other two-thirds.

“Because everyone’s been so good to us, we decided to do this little thing here coming up on Sunday,” says Strachn.

On Easter Sunday. Strachn, along with his family, employees, and volunteers, will be serving hot meals to anyone who wants one – free of charge.

“Everyone wants to pitch in,” says Strachn

The meals include ham, cheesy potatoes, a dinner roll, corn, and a cookie. They hope to feed 800 people. The drive-up service starts at 11:30 and continues until 2:00, or until they run out of food.

“They’re very good people, and they donate their donughts at the end of the day. It’s no surprise,” says Strachn employee Teresa Ferner.

Ferner is one of the employees volunteering tomorrow.

“There’s so much going on that’s bad. It’s good to be able to add some good to it,” says Ferner.

The bakery bought the food, including nearly 50 hams.

“Cost? I don’t know. We don’t worry about that. God’s been good to us, and we are blessed, and He takes care of us,” says Strachn.

But Strachn does worry – that he’ll have to turn people away.

“Heartbreaking. I don’t know what I would say to the remainder once the food is gone,” says Strachn.

Strachn Bakery is located at 759 S Holland-Sylvania in Toledo. That is where the meals will be served. Starting at 11:30, you can drive up, tell someone how many meals you need, and a volunteer will give them to you, no questions asked.

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