Samuel Adams is offering $1000 grants to unemployed restaurant and bar staffers – CNN

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But in 20 states, restaurant workers will be able to receive some relief thanks to Samuel Adams.
Partnering with The Greg Hill Foundation, Samuel Adams has launched the Restaurant Strong Fund, which offers $1,000 to restaurant workers in 20 states, including California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas and Vermont.
The Boston-based brewery started the fund mid-March in its hometown of Massachusetts, but expanded it to more states after seeing its success.
“The original Restaurant Strong Fund raised nearly $500,000 from 2,000 individual donors in its first week, with support from athletes David Ortiz to Jimmy Develin and chefs Ming Tsai, Chris Coombs and Ken Oringer,” the fund’s website says.
“Samuel Adams and The Greg Hill Foundation quickly realized the need was widespread and desire to support was even stronger,” it adds.
Samuel Adams has donated over $2 million to kick-start the fund. As of Sunday afternoon, the fund has raised nearly $2.7 million, according to the website.
To qualify for the grant, an individual must have worked at a restaurant, bar, cafe or nightclub located in one of the 20 states, been a full-time employee, and employed for three months or longer at the same location.
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They will also be required to submit their last two full-time pay stubs. Applications will be accepted until April 30.
Those willing to donate can do so on the fund’s website.
“Samuel Adams got its start in the beloved bars and restaurants of Boston 35 years ago and simply would not be where it is today without the people in those establishments who have supported us since the very beginning,” Samuel Adams said in a statement to CNN. “During this unprecedented time, we’re honored to give back to the community that has had our backs for so long with the Restaurant Strong Fund.”

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