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One weekend I was gorging on tiger prawns, crabs, coq au vin, lamb shanks and everything non-vegetarian I could lay my hands on. The next weekend I turned vegetarian.

The story of a meat lover turned vegetarian

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I was away on a vacation and as a non-vegetarian, it doesn’t make sense to eat vegetarian food consciously when away from home. This meant all kinds of meats and sea creatures. Or that is what I knew about culinary pleasures until my brother sat me down to watch a documentary The Game Changers on Netflix. 

This was a turning point in my life. 

The documentary follows former professional mixed martial artist James Wilks on his journey around the world to explain how elite athletes who follow a vegetarian/vegan diet are different from the meat-eating population. I personally despise people who try to tell others what is right and what is wrong, and I had a feeling that I was going to walk out on my brother and this documentary for the same reason.

I watched The Game Changers only because it wasn’t righteous or moralistic

However, it is anything but that. The 86-minute long film was not preachy and only based on studies, facts and living examples. It also had Lewis Hamilton and I cannot hide my fascination for the gorgeous Formula 1 driver. 

Once I finished watching the film, I didn’t think I would implement it in my own life. I learned a lot about plant-based food, its benefits and how it even affected our sex lives! But I still wasn’t convinced.

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Two days later, I consciously stopped eating non-vegetarian food. One of my siblings turned vegan and the other vegetarian. My boyfriend turned vegetarian and forsook his beloved chicken salad that he ate twice a day. My best friend was in her third year as a vegan. It wasn’t feeling like a trend anymore, it was like a movement. 

Not to forget, I did end up watching a few horrific PETA videos on animal cruelty to get here.

A little about me, before and after vegetarianism

I am not a very health-conscious person, but my siblings and I have been lean since birth. We were never the squishy cheeked toddlers and people called us “sookhi haddis (literally, dried bones/skinny)”. Despite a naturally lean body, I didn’t have any core strength. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without breaking into breathless panting, and neither could I run for a whole minute without feeling dizzy. 

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It was the last week of December that I watched The Game Changers and I had New Years’ Eve ahead to enjoy myself. So, I let myself indulge in non-vegetarian food one last time. Since that day, I haven’t looked at meat the same way. I just flipped a switch. I don’t find it tempting or delicious-looking any longer. I don’t wake up feeling like having maa ke haath ki biryani. My perception of food changed and I started to appreciate home cooked food even more. 

It has been over three months since I stopped eating any form of meat and drinking milk. I don’t know if this is the reason or not, but my skin is currently glowing. I hadn’t had clear skin even for a single day in the past three years. But my breakouts have slowly lessened and my skin feels and looks healthier. I couldn’t be sure if it was my switch to vegetarianism, so I researched, reading accounts of people who had taken up vegetarianism or veganism after spending a good chunk of their life eating meat and fish. Turns out all of them experienced a regulated bowel movement and glowing skin just as I did after three to four months of their switch.

My expectations keep rising from my new diet every single day now!

Not just my skin, my body doesn’t feel as lethargic as it did before. I’m not sleepy after meals and I have more energy than ever before. I wish my partial-veganism (‘partial’ because I am not able to give up cheese and curd) could cure my hair fall, but then my siblings tell me I expect too much.

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By the grace of God, I haven’t turned into a person who taps on everybody’s shoulder to tell them I’ve embraced vegetarianism … yet. 

I am not strict with myself about sticking to this lifestyle, though. If someday I miss my sushi to a point where I feel I’ll murder my own siblings if they stop me, I’ll go eat it. But currently I’m happy how I am and I’ll let my facial glow live a little longer.

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