14 Foods You Can Safely Eat Past Their Expiration Date – Delish.com

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Many of us can get a bit squeamish when it comes to eating food past its printed date, but it may surprise you that food doesn’t necessarily become unsafe to eat once that date passes. Use-by and sell-by dates are not mandated by the FDA, though some states do require them. They’re simply there as a guide. But if you’re following them 100 percent of the time, you could be throwing away perfectly good food.

Things like The FDA’s Food Keeper App can help guide you on individual foods, but below, we’ve listed a few foods that you can generally eat past their expiration dates. Just a note, you should always use common sense too; if a food seems off to you, don’t eat it. Also, this depends on proper food handling and safety, so be sure you’re storing food correctly and at proper temperatures.

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