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FILE PHOTO: Luca Pastry
FILE PHOTO: Luca Pastry

The Original Goodie Shop in central Ohio has been opened for nearly 70 years, according to a report by NBC 4 in Ohio.

The unexpected business slowdown amid the coronavirus has impacted small businesses across the nation. Some owners, already faced with tight margins, are forced to lay off workers, cut back hours, and cut pay. In some cases, the owners struggle to pay rent.

However, in this tough financial time, consumers are supporting the local economy.

One customer who had been coming to the sweet shop for many years reportedly felt the need to contribute in a significant way.

The customer called and ordered his favorite pastry, a chocolate-covered, custard-filled pastry, and offered to pay them $1,000 for what usually cost him $1.50, according to the local news report.

All the owner could say is “yes.”

The customer told the NBC affiliate that they are receiving money from the federal government, and this is how they felt best to spend it.

The $1,000 is equivalent to order two-weeks’ worth of ingredients, an Original Goodie Shop manager said.

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