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With the massive restaurant industry inching closer to resuming services, life for eateries post the Covid-19 lockdown is going to be different. While more emphasis is understandably going to be put on proper sanitisation, restaurant aggregators such as Dineout and Zomato have laid out suggestions for ‘contactless dining’. The techniques laid down by the services suggest ways to minimise human contact as far as possible in the post-Covid-19 days, as well as offering a kit of essentials to ensure that the staff at restaurants maintain proper sanitation standards.

How will your dining experience change?

In a creative shared by a Dineout spokesperson with News18, the company suggests a complete, six-point contactless dining procedure. Customers interested in eating out are urged to make their selection and reserve a table from directly within any restaurant aggregation app, which would reduce waiting times and thereby minimise human contact.

Customers can further choose to pre-book their food through the app, or do so via smartphone apps once they reach the restaurant and are seated. The seating arrangement may also be announced to the customers through the app interface itself, which would detail the table number where a diner may sit. Valet service would also offer minimal physical contact, via automated valet tokens and minimum-contact handover of car key. Once the dining out process is complete, diners can simply pay via a selection of smartphone apps, thereby reducing the physical contact points to a bare minimum.

Zomato, another popular restaurant aggregation service, also has a similar idea. According to their idea of contactless dining, Zomato users may be able to scan a QR code placed at a restaurant table to access restaurant menu, and access support through new features on the Zomato app, which would suggest dish pairing, course selection and beverage suggestions. It may also allow diners to pay for selectively as well as for the whole table through the app, via any contactless payment method.

How does this affect restaurants?

Zomato suggests that there may be a clear benefit for restaurants as it reduces manpower costs and cuts down on table turnover time. However, this does raise the question of jobs being lost as a result of such directives, unless restaurants devise alternate job avenues for existing staff.

Dineout further suggests sourcing to restaurants a restaurant safety kit, which would include a sanitiser, gloves, thermometer, face mask, a visor and head gear, to prevent any accidental contamination as far as possible. The steps, as they seem right now, are designed to rescue an ailing sector that has seen near-complete shutdown due to the lockdown protocol enforced to prevent the community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

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