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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – A La Crosse family of businesses just got a little bit bigger, despite ongoing global pandemic. Soula’s Cuisina serves traditional Greek food from its 412 Main St. location.

“Greeks, we’re all about family.”

Robbi Wolff and Greg Saliaras now operate Soula’s as their fourth business venture in town. They recently opened for take-out and delivery at a time when so many other businesses, including some of their own, have closed.

“We have four businesses right now. One is about 30-40%, this one at about 20% and the other two are shut down,” Saliaras said. “We got the okay with all the licenses and inspections in the beginning of March and then the orders came in that everything shut down, so that kind of changed our plans a little bit.”

Risks and rewards

There are obviously plenty of risks opening any new business, especially right now, but the pair said doing so also brings with it certain opportunity.

Wolff said, “It’s kind of nice having the slow opening so we can get our systems down and things like that.”

“[We’re] able to fine tune some of the kitchen, some of the recipes. You could see it as a blessing. It all depends on perspective,” Saliaras added.

Gus Fimple shares that perspective. He’s getting a crash course on Greek cooking in the Soula’s kitchen.

A U.S. Navy veteran and friend of the family, Fimple said he’s helped out in their food truck and with handy work around the restaurant. And now in this new normal, he’s finding another way to give back, just like Wolff and Saliaras.

Feeding the need

“From the day we opened any of our businesses we wanted to be community involved,” Saliaras said. “We fed fire stations one and two. Sorry three and four; we’re coming soon! We got the family clinic. We got the Tri-State Ambulance responders. Beer By Bike Brigade helped feed the E.R. nurses at Gundersen.”

They’re showing support for a community the best way they know how, with a little home cooking, in a community continuing to feed them like family.

What’s in a name?

And in case you’re wondering about the name of the restaurant, Soula is the nickname for Saliaras’s mother who lives in Greece. He said he still talks with her daily over the phone.

You can keep up to date with their menu and hours on their Facebook page. Soula’s is the newest entry on our WXOW takeout guide.

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