[What’s Cooking!] Today’s Samsung Smart Oven Tips on Cheesy Pasta – Samsung Newsroom India

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These days, we are discovering, or rediscovering, the joys of cooking a great meal.

But if you are new to cooking and want to try out new dishes, or you want some easy tips to help maintain a good work-life balance, your Samsung Smart Oven can lend you a helping hand!

Over the next few days, Samsung Newsroom India and Samsung Newsroom Bharat (Hindi) will share some easy yummy recipes that you can prepare in your Samsung microwave. Yes, let’s use it for cooking, rather than just heating.

So, let’s start off with Cheesy Pasta, with Sun Dried Tomatoes!

Watch the recipe here:

Source: Thanks https://news.samsung.com/in/whats-cooking-todays-samsung-smartoven-tips-on-cheesy-pasta