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COLORADO, USA — With all the current stay-at-home public health orders everyone is trying to limit their exposure to others and that likely means fewer trips to the grocery store.

Registered dietician Lauren Ott shared a few ways to increase the shelf life of the foods you have at home. Here are her tips:

  • Don’t store bread or tomatoes in the refrigerator. Refrigeration actually causes both of these foods to spoil faster. I recommend room temperature for both (or bread can be frozen).
  • Store bananas, tomatoes, and melons separately from other fruits and veggies. These foods produce more ethylene gas than others, which causes any foods near them to ripen and, therefore, spoil faster.
  • Don’t wash fruits or vegetables before refrigerating. This can cause them to spoil faster.
  • Store leafy greens with a paper towel. The paper towel absorbs any excess moisture, which keeps the greens fresh for longer.
  • Eggs and milk should be stored in the back of your refrigerator, not the door. People open and close the fridge all day, making the temperature on the door more susceptible to inconsistent temperatures, and therefore the food more susceptible to spoiling.

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Lauren Ott, RD is a registered dietitian and founder of The Dessert Dietitian, LLC. 

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