Travelled from one hospital to another: Delhi pizza delivery boy who tested Covid-19 positive shares ordeal – India Today

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The pizza delivery boy, who tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently being treated at a Delhi hospital, said doctors informed that he has recovered 80 per cent.

However, the pizza delivery guy said it was hard to find the right treatment and that he had to hop from one hospital to another to find the right treatment.

Speaking exclusively to India Today TV, the delivery boy said, “It was really hard to get the right treatment for myself. I had to travel from one hospital to another and this kept happening time and again.”

He said he started feeling slightly uneasy around March 24 and had consulted a doctor at Safdarjung hospital in Delhi where he was told that he is fine.

The doctor even prescribed him medicine and said that he is fine to get back to work.

After a few days, the delivery boy said he started feeling uneasy again, and this time he developed symptoms of fever and cough.

He then visited the same hospital and was advised to stay at home for a week.

On April 7, his condition deteriorated and he again visited the same hospital. The doctors there asked him to visit RML hospital dedicated to Covid-19 patients.

The boy said, “Finally, on April 11, the test for Covid-19 was conducted in RML hospital.”

Therefore his test was conducted almost 17 days after he started feeling uneasy.

On April 14, the test results were out. He tested positive.

“I couldn’t believe that I tested positive,” said the delivery boy.

When asked how does he feel about his 17 other teammates who have tested negative, he said he felt relieved.

“I don’t want others to suffer because of me. I’m happy that they all have tested negative.”

A week ago, a pizza delivery boy in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar was tested positive for novel coronavirus.

More than 72 families had been quarantined after the pizza delivery agent from the national capital tested positive for Covid-19.

Along with the families, there were at least 17 colleagues of the delivery agent who were also placed under quarantine.

All of these people were tested as they came in close contact with a pizza delivery boy. The delivery boy, who lives in Delhi’s Savitri Nagar area, is now undergoing treatment.

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