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Saratoga Springs resident Brady Duhame is the chef at new local eatery Karma Bistro, located at 2321 Nott Street East, Suite 2, in Niskayuna. Prior to this recent endeavor, Duhame previously served as executive chef at 15 Church and director of culinary operations at Saratoga Hospitality Group in Saratoga Springs.

He also operated a pop-up restaurant called Buddha Noodle in 2018 in downtown Saratoga Springs. More information about Karma Bistro is available online at www.karmabistrony.com and facebook.com/karmabistrony.

1. How did you become the chef at Karma Bistro?

A. “Well, I guess it’s been in the works for awhile. It all started a couple years ago when Pui Piyamas, the owner of Karma Bistro, would frequent my Buddha Noodle pop up at Sinclair in Saratoga Springs. She’d order the entire menu along with Sinclair owner Hilary Morrison’s amazing cocktails, for her and her friends. We became friends and one night we got to talking and she mentioned she had an idea to bring ramen to Niskayuna and had a space she was thinking of that would be perfect.

“We met up, looked at the space, talked business for months, but it ended up taking longer than expected and I was unsure of what was going to happen, so I ended up moving to California. Long story. I had been in Los Angeles for five months or so working for a very good restaurant, but just wasn’t happy. So one night I reached out to Pui just to see how the Karma Bistro opening went and she ended up closing it because she wanted to wait until the beer and wine license came in and asked if I’d be interested in coming back to run it, and here I am.”

2. How would you describe the menu?

A. “I guess you can say it’s a mix of Asian cuisines, but runs heavy on the Japanese side. Our menu has some fun and creative Asian-inspired appetizers like bao buns and shrimp dumplings, ramen, poke bowls – and once we open up when the social distancing is lifted, we’re bringing a small sushi menu on board and Thai rolled ice cream.”

3. What is the most popular order at Karma Bistro?

A. “People are loving our pork belly bao and our Thai curry ramen, but it’s too early to tell since we opened just a month ago and we opened the same week the virus shut things down.”

4. What is one dish you recommend that everyone should try?

A. “The pork belly bao, I could eat 15 of those bad boys in one sitting.”

5. What is your goal for the future in this new role?

A. “To build something very special with a super fun vibe, a place that will end up becoming destination spot. And eventually opening up a Karma Bistro in Saratoga Springs.”

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