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CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) The stay at home order remains in effect and restaurants remain closed to dine in guests, but local restaurant owners say they are not waiting until the order is lifted to get a plan together of what eating at their business will look like.

Gerhardt Schnibben of Promise Land Market in Morehead City says, “Obviously sales are hurting but we’re still sending it out the door,through delivery and curbside pickup and the wine has certainly been a hit for us.”

Local restaurants in Morehead City say they are ready to see customers come back through their doors, but they want it to be done safely.

Gerhardt says, “We can only be responsible business owners if we take the precautions that they are asking us to take and help the public out in anyway to make sure they are partying safe, that’s part of our job all the time, and now more than ever.”

Promise Land Market and Floyd’s 1921 are prepping their space to allow for what dining could look like soon.

Jason Eyre of Floyd’s 1921 says, “Our current thought is to seat every other table.”

Gerhardt says, “We’ve pulled about six tables out of the restaurant to give us proper distancing and to give the customer a feel of safety.”

These restaurants say they will be ready for when they can reopen and they are hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

Gerhardt says, “We would like to get open as soon as possible, certainly by Memorial Day weekend, you know that starts our summer down here and that’s how we live at the beach, we live seasonally and it’s gonna be tough without a summer, that’s one of the three bigs we have every year.”

Eyre says, “We’ll be very happy to be up and running and you gotta start somewhere.”

On Thursday Governor Cooper extended his stay at home order until May 8th, which keeps all restaurants closed to dine in customers until then at least.

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