Five-year-old boy gets surprise birthday cake from cops amid lockdown – Khaleej Times

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Bringing smiles to the face of a five-year-old boy, a team of Gurugram police bought and delivered a cake for him on his birthday on Friday

The boy in DLF was repeatedly telling his parents to get a cake to celebrate his birthday, but they were unable to arrange it due to the lockdown.

His father finally called up the SHO of the DLF Phase 2 police station to allow him to visit a nearby sweets shop to buy a cake for his son.

But SHO Yaqoob Khan asked him to stay at home, and directed his subordinates to make the arrangements. Two policemen went to nearby shop, bought a cake and had the birthday boy Swabir Singh Gandhi’s name inscribed on it.

A police team then reached his home and called for the birthday boy on a loud speaker. It was a surprising moment for the birthday boy and his parents when they saw 8 to 10 policemen on their doorstep with a cake for the boy, who is too young to understand the meaning of lockdown.

“The idea was to give a surprise to birthday boy and bring a smile on his face. Hence the announcement was made. It was a joyful event for us as well to celebrate the birthday of a child,” Khan said.

The act of Gurugram police was widely shared on social media and highly appreciated.

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