‘It was wonderful’: Endwell bakery owner spreads euphoria with chocolate chip cookies – WBNG-TV

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ENDWELL (WBNG) — With all of the difficult news in the world lately, it’s nice to be able to serve up a positive story.

The owner of Baked Euphoria in Endwell started out by baking some chocolate chip cookies, but ended up finding a whole lot more. Bonni Phelps says she was inspired by people giving back to the community by doing things like making masks or buying lunch for healthcare workers.

As the owner of a bakery, she decided to add her own special charm. Phelps decided to make 63 pounds of chocolate chip cookies, and helped by an army of volunteers, gave them all away across the Southern Tier.

Phelps said she just wanted to help spread some joy in her community.

“I also love the expressions on people’s faces when they see it, when they taste it,” she told 12 News Friday. “Just sharing it, sharing the euphoria, that’s what it’s really all about.”

The cookies were given to people both selected by the volunteers and at random. Some of the people who received cookies include postal workers, nurses, and even Phelps’ granddaughter’s first grade teacher. All of the cookies were accompanied by a note asking people to share the euphoria, and spread some joy to the people they love as well.

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