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Begin by chopping up the onion, then heat it in a pan with oil until it becomes translucent, adding garlic halfway through.


It may not win any Instagram photo competitions, but it is definitely going to put a smile on your face.

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Cook them both until they’re fragrant and their intoxicating scent is wafting through the house. Next you’ll want to add the cumin, chilli powder, salt, and sugar before tossing in the beans.

Pour in the passata next — you want to use enough so that the beans are well-covered. This recipe really relies on the beans, so make sure you buy a tasty passata otherwise it will really affect the dish. If passata isn’t an option for you, use tomato paste with a dash of balsamic to cut through the tomato, and add a splash of water to thin it out.

Leave this to simmer for 15 minutes until the mixture has thickened enough that it won’t make the tacos soggy.

While that’s cooking, chop up enough cherry tomatoes and lettuce for however many tacos you’ll be serving. This is also a great time to prepare the guacamole, which only needs avocado, salt, cumin, chilli flakes, and a couple of squeezes of lemon all mixed in a bowl together. 

Once the beans are cooked well, it’s time to serve up! I like to fill my tacos with the beans first, then the lettuce, guacamole, and finally the tomatoes. If I have any vegan cheese or nutritional yeast, I’ll put that on right after the beans so that it melts a little bit on top.

The tacos can also be turned into burritos, depending on what you prefer. All you need to swap in the recipe are the taco shells for tortillas. 

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