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Seafood was a very popular pizza topping, too, and you won’t find it available at Pizza Hut in the US.

scallop seafood pizza

This pizza was topped with scallops.

Martha Sorren for Insider

The Lunar New Year special pizza was a scallop pizza with a stuffed cheese-roll crust.

The pie was topped with seared scallops, mushrooms, peppers, white sauce, and Hokkaido cheese (a milk-based cheese from Japan). It cost 750 NT, or about $25.

All of the flavors went really well together, and it was fun to eat something as decadent as a scallop on a pizza. They seemed to have been carefully pan-seared before being put on the pizza, and they weren’t rubbery at all. 

This wasn’t the only seafood-topped pizza on the menu, which is much different from Pizza Hut in the US. 

Back home, some people order anchovy pizza, but it’s a bit of a running joke in pop culture and is considered to be a less-than-delectable combination.

Plus you actually can’t get anchovies or any seafood as a topping at Pizza Hut in the US.

However, in Taiwanese Pizza Hut locations, all kinds of seafood were available to put on a pie, including prawns, crab, scallops, shrimp, and even squid. This makes sense to me because Taiwan is an island, so fresh, locally caught seafood is readily available all over Taipei.

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