Large community turnout for Flour Child Bakery fundraiser – WILX-TV

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GRAND LEDGE, MI (WILX) – Cars lined up Saturday for the Flour Child Bakery fundraiser.

The Grand Ledge bakery sold their homemade bagels Saturday in hopes to raise money for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

They made 624 bagels this morning which sold in nine minutes.

The fundraiser was scheduled to go from 9 am until 12….but cars were already lined up at 8.

In total, Flour Child Bakery raised nearly $3,477 from Saturday’s sales and donations.

“After we had run out we had a whole line of cars that just kept giving us donations for the food bank, even though w ehad already sold out of bagels,” said Beth Augustine, Bakery Owner. “It’s a little emotional, I was not expecting any of that.”

After Saturday’s success, the bakery says they may do another fundraiser.

Since the Stay-at-home order was put into place, Flour Child Bakery has gifted over $1000 bagels to local grocery stores, hospitals, and pharmacies.

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