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NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s love for “luxury” food may have been the cause for his health problems, China Press reported.

The report stated that the 36-year-old gained 40kg within five years, from 2013 to 2018. Standing at 170cm tall, the North Korean leader is said to weigh in at 130kg.

According to analysts, his size is considered “a symbol of authority in a country where people don’t have enough to eat”, hence it is believed that his size could gain him respect.

Some also say he wanted to look more like his grandfather Kim Il-sung.

The personal chef of his late father Kim Jong-il, Kenji Fujimoto, previously revealed that he had to prepare a sushi feast at least once a week for the senior Kim.

Jong-un would also attend the feast but his favourite were Kobe beef and Swiss Emmental cheese, and he would drink at least two bottles of Cristal champagne per sitting.

North Korea also provided a list of Jong-un’s dining preferences during the summit meetings between him and US President Donald Trump, and the hotel chef revealed that Jong-un enjoyed caviar, lobster and medium-rare steaks.

South Korean media also revealed that Jong-un’s obesity was caused by unhealthy eating habits and his love for booze, leading him to have hyperlipidemia in his 20s.

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