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Standout service and a varied menu of sweet and savory dishes make this a recommended stop.

Editor’s note: This story is from our Spring 2020 issue, which came out before the coronavirus outbreak took hold in Ohio. BLunch has closed its operations for now, but perhaps you’ll be inspired to add it to your list of places to visit when the business reopens.

Melissa Kossler Dutton and her sons, Nick, 15, and Alex, 13, visited BLunch, a Clintonville eatery that serves breakfast and lunch with some decidedly unique twists.

Mom Says…

I love going out to breakfast. Yet it’s not something we do very often because my husband is a great breakfast cook. But we wanted to scope out a nice place in case Grandma comes to town for Mother’s Day, so we decided to try BLunch, a breakfast and lunch spot in Clintonville whose food came highly recommended.

We found out that was well-deserved praise. But to me, the spectacular service was also noteworthy. For example, when I asked the waiter for all new forks after three of the four of us sampled the Buckeye pancake, which contains peanut butter (a no-no for my allergic son), he agreed without hesitation.

The Buckeye was one of the selections in our Pancake Flight ($11), a dish that includes three pancakes in the flavors of your choice. The pancakes were my favorite part of the meal. The Sweet Potato pancake, topped with toasted marshmallows and cinnamon, was amazing. The flavors were rich and bold. The Blueberry Lemon Ricotta pancake was a wonderful pairing of creamy ricotta, tart lemon and sweet blueberry. And the Buckeye pancake was just as rich and yummy as its namesake. I also appreciated that we could sample and share the tempting pancakes, but still order other meals containing protein that would fill us up and give us fuel for the day.

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I opted for the Ancient Grains + Greens bowl ($13), a savory concoction of organic grains, pickled onions and salad greens. I ordered it with the optional poached egg ($2). When the dish arrived, the egg was overcooked and not runny. As I was debating whether to send it back, a manager walked by, noticed and immediately offered to bring me a new egg. The dish with the perfectly poached egg was a healthy, filling breakfast that hit the spot after our sweet appetizer.

I have no doubt that we will return to BLunch, and I don’t see us waiting for Mother’s Day to roll around.

Nick says…

When the waiter asked for our drink orders, I asked him how sour the grapefruit juice is. He offered to bring me a sample so I could judge for myself. I appreciated the chance to try the juice, especially since I didn’t care for it. He saved me from having a full glass of something I didn’t like.

We opted to share a platter of pancakes. Because of my nut allergy, I could only try the Sweet Potato and Blueberry Lemon Ricotta. I usually lean more toward savory breakfasts, but I would gladly eat these. The flavors really stood out. BLunch puts the “cake” in pancake.

Throughout the whole meal, the service was top-notch. When we ordered food, my dad and I shared a Breakfast Burrito ($11) and Corned Beef Hash ($12). The hash was incredible. I ate so much I almost didn’t have room for the burrito. Luckily, I remembered the burrito before I ate too much hash. The burrito was also incredible. The most surprising part of the dish was the fresh pico de gallo. The tomatoes were a beautiful color and were super juicy. Tomatoes that good are hard to find in-season—much less in the dead of winter. The chorizo in the burrito was also delicious. It was flavorful without being too spicy, and the eggs inside were light and fluffy.

I’m glad we shared the two dishes, but next time I want a burrito all to myself.

Alex says…

When I first entered BLunch, I noticed it had a nice atmosphere with murals covering the walls and plants with nametags. I didn’t know much coming in, but with a quick glance at the menu, I saw it had all your typical breakfast dishes with some delicious twists. We decided to get a Pancake Flight as an appetizer to share. I got an omelet ($10.75) as my main meal. I was also excited that my parents let me order a hot chocolate spiked with caramel syrup ($3.50). This was a yummy touch that not many restaurants offer.

One thing that quickly became apparent was that the service was very good. Our waiter was nice and helpful. When I asked for A.1. Sauce for my hash browns, he checked with the kitchen and said they didn’t have any. Several minutes later, he came back with small bowl. He told me that the chef made me some from scratch in the kitchen. This service was above and beyond anything I expected. The sauce was really good and tasted very similar to the original. 

The food was also incredible. The pancakes were all really good. I liked the Sweet Potato flavor the best. It reminded me of pumpkin pie, and I love all things pumpkin. The omelet was also really good. The pico de gallo on top was some of the best salsa I’ve had in a long time. The hash browns were also tasty, with a nice mix of peppers, potatoes and other good stuff. Overall, I would say BLunch is a great brunch place with wonderful service and a great atmosphere.

This story is from the Spring 2020 issue of Columbus Parent.

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