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birthday cake

Cutting a birthday cake has never been so stress-free.

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Social media app TikTok has given us so many life hacks during lockdown, including a genius way to cut a dog’s toenails at home and an easy three-ingredient creme brulee. 

Now it’s giving us this incredible hack for cutting cake, perfect for all the lockdown baking you’ve been doing. No longer will you have to stress over cutting even slices at your next work birthday celebration – remember them?

TikTok user Mimi To posted a video of her mother using the handle of a pair of tongs to slice a perfectly even wedge of cake. 

“It cuts perfectly, it is a perfect triangle you guys… life hack,” Mimi narrates the video. 

The clip racked up over 4 million views, with impressed commenters unable to believe they’ve never thought of it. 

“Your mum is so fancy and I feel like she’s one of those people who do the best stuff and act like it’s nothing,” one person observed. 

“Oh my god this is amazing,” wrote another

“I am SHOOKETH,” wrote another. 

In the words of the immortal Black Eyed Peas song ‘Boom Boom Pow’, she’s so 3008 while we’re so 2000 and late 

Source: Thanks https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/lifestyle/2020/04/tiktok-hack-reveals-genius-way-to-slice-a-perfectly-even-wedge-of-cake.html